ITV discovers there is such a thing as too many ad breaks

Viewer of last week’s Merseyside derby were probably already feeling disgruntled as a spectacularly boring football match stretched into extra time towards the seemingly inevitable spectacle of penalties, but then ITV really stuck the boot in.

Viewers who had endured almost two hours of the game were rewarded with an advert break in the second half of extra time when the only goal of the game was scored.

An automated ad system was to blame, leaving Liverpool fans forever associating Tic Tacs with the bitter taste of FA cup defeat.

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The breaks on ITV are simply too long and too frequent - and it's no surprise that they showed the extra break during the football rather than go back to the studio until they got the pictures back! I can't believe that they're actually thinking about having more breaks from September!

Yeah. Hopefully it will all culminate in people stopping watching television altogehter. Adverts make me hate TV.

I seem to rarely watch ads on TV these days what with Sky+ etc.. but this was one of those moments when they really did intervene...!

I find that with my PVR that I can just skip through the TV ad breaks anyway - where does this leave TV ads

Ads every 30 minutes I can live with, what I find really irritating are the cable stations where there is a break about every seven half minutes, especially when the break is filled with an advert for the programme you're already watching.

I have, for many years, used my VCR as an advert filter, it means I can save twenty minutes in every hour. When I have to watch TV as it is being broadcast I generally hit the mute button and get on with my suduko. This also saves the eardrums when the ads come on umpteen dB louder than the programme.