IT standards author mobbed by autograph hunters

Watch out Dan Brown you have a rival. Bill Curtis, is of course, the best selling author of the Capability Maturity Model, which will be well know to anyone who has outsourced their software develoment to India. It is, no less than the gold standard for assessing the software development capabilities of software suppliers. You might think that the man behind such a weighty tome might come across as a bit of an academic. Not a bit of it, when you meet him face to face, Curtis has the knack of what could be seen as very dry subjects utterly fascinating. No wonder then that a secretary from Accenture pitched up with an arm full of copies of Curtis’ latest work for him to sign when he flew into London last week.  People CMM: A Framework for Human Capital Management looks set to be another best seller. And its available on the Kindle. So if you are looking for the Holy Grail, forget about Dan Brown, and pick up a copy.