Hot tub drone machine lands Aussie in hot water

An enterprising Australian hot dog enthusiast faces a massive fine after using a drone to collect a sausage from a barbecue at a Melbourne DIY store, and delivering it direct to his hot tub in the back garden.

Footage of the stunt, which was originally posted on YouTube but has now been removed – although it can still be viewed online – caught the attention of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, which takes a dim view of this sort of thing and has taken other drone operators to court in the past.

“Just launching a recreational drone out of your back yard, flying two kilometres or so across the suburbs, across a four lane road, across the Bunnings’ car park and down to a sausage sizzle, is not thinking about the safety issues or planning for them,” a spokesperson for the authority told talk radio station 3AW.

The authority argues that the footage shows clear evidence that a number of laws regarding drone use were breached, including keeping the drone in line-of-sight, flying too close to people, vehicles and buildings, and flying over populous areas in controlled airspace.

The defendant has claimed that the footage was heavily edited and shot in multiple parts with the permission of the blokes behind the barbie.

Unfortunately, because the video went viral and the drone’s owner sold the rights to another company for profit, the 10 buck hot dog could end up costing him A$9,000 in fines.