Hello - Avon tweeting!

Cosmetics company Avon is famed for its door-to-door representatives, attracting housewives and metrosexual guyliner-buying househusbands with their familiar refrain of “Avon calling!”

Well, as we know, nothing in the world of Facebook and Twitter is sacrosanct, and Avon has now announced its new social media strategy.

Avon Connects is the firms’ new platform, which aims to “revolutionise the way customers can connect with their independent Avon representatives,” according to the press release.

“In today’s time pressured world, people want quick and easy ways to buy and Avon Connects makes this possible. By using a social media platform to link customers with their local representative, we can provide both with a time-efficient option without sacrificing the personal service that the consumers desire,” said Avon’s head of e-commerce Emma Lowry.

A quick visit to the site by Downtime also reveals Avon’s new “send a kiss” iPhone app to send a virtual lipstick message written on a virtual mirror to your love (or your other love, according to choice).

Somehow “Avon poking” or “Avon tweeting” just doesn’t work so well for us – presumably this can only mean that Downtime is getting old. Kids today, huh?