Hacked website plentyoffish.com appeals to highest authority to crack down on hacker

Hacker Chris Russo, who made his name breaking into file-sharing site Pirate Bay, has sparked a war of words after a similar stunt at dating webite plentyoffish.com.

In addition to firing off a list of accusations and complaints in a blog post, the website’s founder and CEO Markus Frind resorted to desperate measures.

Did he call the police? The FBI? Some crack covert anti cybercrime SWAT team?

No, to get the 23-year-old Argentinean into line, Frind appealed to what was to his mind the highest authority most likely to yield results.

Frind emailed Russo’s mother.

Since then, Russo has denied any wrong-doing and is claiming to have sought merely to alert Frind to the security vulnerabilities of the website.

We will never know if Russo got a tongue-lashing from his Mum or not, but Downtime is betting he did.