HP stomps foot missing out on T3 award

We have all had the dream of standing up on stage, crowds applauding loudly, as you grasp onto your award and give that all important thank you speech, remembering to give platitudes to your peers and your mum before leaving to drink the night away on expensive champagne.

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Well, we all dream of it, but not all of us react how HP’s PR agency Edelman did when we don’t get the gong.

Downtime has seen an email sent out from Edelman before a conference call detailing the agenda and making a point about T3’s awards. It seems HP was on a shortlist for an unnamed award but was removed, much to the dismay of the distraught PRs.

The reaction is… well… you decide whether the agency of one of the world’s largest technology companies should react this way.

“Following HP’s removal from shortlist at T3 Awards, Edelman to speak to T3 about reducing the price of HP’s table or enquiring into the possibility of re-entering HP onto the shortlist for the Awards.”  

In a week where we are about to host the largest sporting event in the world, maybe Edelman and HP should learn some lessons about how to lose gracefully.

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