Google hatches plan to cut corporate tax bill through white van beta

A Google employee is living in a van in the car park outside his office in a bid to save money. Yes 23 year old Brandon has been blogging about it.

Apparently the cost of accommodation and travel in San Francisco is so high that by buying a van he cut his living costs by a third in 4 years.

But Downtime knows exactly what is going on here. Google is beta testing the potential of having its headquarters in a van. The ability to move jurisdictions and save money on tax is the idea being floated here. It is only a matter of time that IT companies start commission huge ship building company’s to build mobile headquarters.

I mean who needs their own home when you work at Google. Such is the competition for staff the internet giant offers work benefits like Michelin star chefs preparing free meals and toys and gadgets strewn across the office. Not to mention the reportedly high wages the company pays its staff.