Google and its "no comment" GIF

Rumour and speculation is the fuel that much of the tech journalism world runs on, and for press officers working at firms like Google, responding to it all must be a wearying experience.

So much so, the search giant has found an alternative (and ultimately more interesting) way of responding to such stories, and that’s through the use of animated GIFs.

The firm was asked to comment on a story about the rumoured re-launch of its YouTube live-streaming platform by a journalist at tech site The Daily Dot.

Rather than trot out the usual “we do not comment on rumour or speculation” line, championed by tech giants the world over, Google issued a GIF of an incredulous-looking little girl, shrugging her shoulders as its response.

Initially, the publication ignored it, and assumed Google had no comment to make, until one of the firm’s press officers insisted they include the GIF as its official response.

Rest assured, readers, we’re updating the Computer Weekly style guide now in light of this, with a view to publish our first case study written entirely in emojis before the year is out.