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Novara Media has become the latest media outlet to have its YouTube channel removed from the website without warning or any kind of explanation.

But just like Talkradio, a channel on the other end of the political spectrum which became a casualty of Silicon Valley’s unregulated caprice at the start of the year, Novara was soon reinstated on the back of a substantial outcry.

Even unlikely bedfellows such as Dan Hodges, the Mail on Sunday‘s beloved nincompoop-opinion generator, went all Tom-or-Jerry-when-the-other’s-in-genuine-peril to condemn YouTube’s arbitrary censorship of Aaron Bastani and chums.

Were we wokist lefties so magnanimous when it happened to Talkradio? No. Has the shoe being on the other foot given us some pause for thought? We’ll review some more of its content and get back to you. (No.)

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