Finnish people just dig living in JCBs

I’m sure you all remember but just in case you don’t I’ll jog your memory. Back in August, Downtime posted a story about a competition that was taking place in Finland.

The prize on offer was a brand new digger and all the six participants had to do to win was live in a digger and be the last man standing. Not only that though, they had to use iPads to stream constant video and interact with viewers using social media. 
Two months into the competition, with viewing figures passing the one million mark, six became four as the limit of only 30 minutes per day allowed outside the digger proved too much for two of the tractor-loving Finns. 
Now though, I can bring you the news you have been waiting months to hear. The competition is all over!
After six months, organisers have been forced to stop the competition because of health concerns, meaning the remaining two contestants both won a digger. Happy days. 
22-year-old Kimmo Frisk, an IT student who has since been offered an SEO job, and 36-year-old Hannu Lammi both got to drive off into the sunset at around 2.5mph in their new diggers. It brings a tear to your eye. 
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