Fears of Royal Wedding etiquette disaster if iPhones fail

London City Council is hard at work strengthening broadband links in the capital to make sure that foreigners are able to access real-time information about how to behave in England.

An iPhone app, which informs visitors about some of the local customs in Europe, is seen as an important tool to ensure Will’s and Kate’s big day is not ruined.

When thousands of recession weary Brits hit the streets in the droves to give the wealth flaunting Royals the two finger salute they deserve, organisers want tourists to understand that it is rude. Otherwise they might copy and wouldn’t that be a great spectacle. Thousands of happy smiling tourists giving the Royals the Vs. I would even attend if that was guaranteed.


rude.JPGBut sadly, unless there is a break in internet access, the app from Euro Assist will ensure that this doesn’t happen because users will know it is rude. Mind you the app also informs users that in Britain it is correct to buy rounds. So you might be able to get pi**ed and use the extra bank holiday to recover.