Enron and the identity crisis

At last some good has come from the Enron oops. Its email library, which stored more than 200,000 emails from 158 individuals, was used in an experiment to test a business intelligence stab at identifying the author, even though the messages were anonymised.
By analysing 10 samples by 10 individuals, researchers at Concordia University were able to identify the authors with an accuracy of between 80% and 90% using a word pattern matching algorithm.
No doubt the spooks have been doing this ever since someone used the technique to prove that Francis Bacon Chrisopher Marlowe J ohn Donne Elizabeth I Bill Ague-Pointedstick wrote Shakespeare’s plays, so no WOW moment there for them.
But it does make Downtime think that perhaps it really is time to start exploring encryption more seriously. Although he has nothing to hide from the spooks, he is not yet willing, from his occasional contributions to this column, to be unmasked as Grumpy from Hove .