Don't worry developers - some of you are normal people after all!

For any software developers worried about their social status – fear no longer. Apparently, some of you are quite like normal human beings after all!

In a not-at-all patronising piece of research sent to Downtime, hosting company found that in fact as many as 28% of developers actually spend their free time socialising with friends! Would you believe it, eh?

And there’s more.

Some 98% of those surveyed consider themselves to be liberal in their attitudes. You see, it’s just that 2% of fascist coders that give everyone a bad name. Amazingly, 30% even said they consider it unacceptable to wear a hoodie to a business meeting – no matter how much they want a hug.

Developers will be delighted that the research finally disproves all those lies that suggested they spend their spare time “buried in perceived geeky hobbies”, according to the press release announcing the ground-breaking research.

But clearly they cannot be as delighted as, who described themselves as “thrilled to be helping to tackle the common misconceptions that many people have about web developers.”