Does your mum Tweet during sex?

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A report compiled by Parents magazine has found that 12% of mums tend to use their smartphone during sex.

To me that sounds quite high, the fact that more than one in ten is liking things on Facebook during the procreation of a sibling seems dangerous.

What could be so important that you need to do it while you’re doing it?

Texting a friend?

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Or maybe taking a picture/recording? 

Who knows, but if you’re a mother please refrain from such activities! You are in danger of the following:

  1. Tagging the wrong name on a picture in Facebook
  2. Texting the wrong person
  3. Tweeting up to the 140 character limit
  4. And finally two words: sticky screen

Let this be a warning to you, multitasking is a gift to women don’t abuse it.