Disgruntled employee deploys unlikely APT

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) usually refer to some clever combination of social engineering and malware deployed stealthily over a long time to steal information or sabotage data. 
However, a credit controller who was denied a pay rise at his firm in Oxford has given the term a whole new meaning.
He too applied his destructive strategy painstakingly over three year to exact revenge on his employers by causing computer failures and £32,000 worth of damage.
Edward Sobolewski would have achieved the ultimate cyber criminal objective of getting away with it undetected and unpunished, if his employers had not turned to technology to find the source of the attacks. 
Sobolewski’s nemesis was not some bleeding edge technology, but a set of CCTV cameras. What they revealed was even more surprising. 
The tool that the disgruntled employee was using to create IT chaos was nothing more than a common household cleaner. 
The cameras finally solved the riddle by capturing Sobolewski squirting the caustic cleaning fluid Cillit Bang into the company’s computers, according to reports.
A judge sentence Sobolewski to eight months in jail and ordered him to pay £10,000 costs for his “malicious” attacks. 
Downtime wonders if the computer killer will be put on the cleaning crew in prison or if he will be restricted access to dangerous cleaning materials.