Court slashes maintenance payments to ex-wife because of blog posts

Users of social media still appear to be struggling with the concept that once they post information, it is out there for just about anyone to see and use.

Chicago internet lawyer Evan Brown has highlighted yet another case where social-media-as-evidence affected the legal relations between ex-spouses.

In this particular case, the court relied heavily on a blog by a woman to order that the ex-husband’s maintenance obligations be reduced considerably.

The divorce took place in 2001 in Connecticut, where the law says alimony can be reduced if the ex-spouse starts living with an unrelated member of the opposite sex.

But the ex-wife’s detailed blogging about her adventures sailing around the Caribbean for months with her new boyfriend while she rented out her flat, proved to be her undoing.

The court found that the blog posts proved she was cohabitating with someone new, and reduced her maintenance payments by 70%.

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