Could Dublin be outdoing London's Tech City as the technology capital of Europe?

Twitter has become the latest tech giant to set up shop in the Emerald Isle, joining the likes of Google and Facebook to make Dublin its new international home.

No doubt Cameron has been overturning  Number 10’s  furniture in a Bullingdon Club-style fit of rage at the thought of his beloved Tech City being overlooked – again.

So, apart from the Guinness, lucky shamrocks and The Riverdance , what’s the big appeal? Could it possibly be that Ireland has the lowest corporation tax in Europe at 12.5%, more than half the present 26% UK rate?

Looks like the government’s attempts to attract big technology players to nurture a Silicon Valley-style technology hub have once again been thwarted.

Having said that, isn’t the argument for low corporation tax supposed to be something about wealth creation? Hmm. Judging by the state of the Irish economy, I’m not sure that scheme’s working out so well for them, either.

Best laid plans, and all that…