Consoles pose threat to nation's finest sperm

As well as facing accusations that games such as Grand Theft Auto encourage violence and criminality, Greenpeace is now laying the blame for the state of the environment at the door of console manufacturers. Worse still, consoles could affect sexual development in men, the organisation has warned.
The Greenpeace scientific report Playing Dirty states that video-game consoles have tested positive for hazardous chemicals and materials such as polyvinyl chloride, phthalates, beryllium and bromine.
The report alleges that some consoles contain very high levels of phthalates. Greenpeace warned that one of the phthalates found in the consoles, DEHP, is known to interfere with sexual development in mammals including humans – especially in males.
To be fair to the console manufacturers, the sexual development of keen video-game players has long been questioned, so the danger posed by a dash of bromine may be something of a moot point.