Caught short? There's an app for that!

Technology is touching just about everything including the humble loo, which is undergoing rapid evolution to meet modern demands to save resources.

Waterless, paperless, solar powered, warming, massaging and air-purifying models are all under development, according to

But while the loo is evolving to be greener, smarter and more energy efficient, finding one in an emergency is also becoming increasingly easy thanks to mobile smartphone technology.

GPS location chips found in most smartphones are enabling applications such as Toilet Finder, developed by French company BeTomorrow, which claims to have built the world’s largest database of public toilets with over 60,000 records.
Users can even review the toilets for their sanitary condition, and even, should they feel the urge, upload photos to prove it.

So there is no longer any need to worry about getting caught short. There’s an app for that too, and it even runs on Android phones.


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