Caramel latte + keyboard = Downtime (for real)

A nice caramel latte certainly perks Downtime up of a Friday afternoon, but sadly it seems today’s pick-me-up arrived just a little too late. Suffering from the onset of the shakes from prolonged caffeine and sugar withdrawal – two hours is a long time to wait – Downtime didn’t quite manage to grasp the cup with the required amount of coordination. And, unfortunately, it seems Downtime’s keyboard doesn’t thrive quite so well on the milky hard stuff as Downtime does. This time it really was down time.

Downtime is taking solace from the fact that it is not alone. Many others have fallen foul of the same fate, and have even seen fit to record the results for the comfort of others and post the proof on YouTube. Perhaps, given time, Downtime’s drowned keyboard might recover to this level:

Although so far not even one key works on Downtime’s affected keyboard. (So how has this entry been created, you ask? Secret telepathic mind to machine communication technology? Spinvox? No, it’s being typed on a borrowed keyboard.)

While acknowledging that a problem shared is a problem halved, Downtime wanted the problem to go away altogether. Unfortunately, in this respect Downtime was less impressed by what YouTube had to offer. Following this next piece of video advice would probably not best please the team in Infrastructure, Opps and Procurement. Despite the rocking soundtrack it does not come with any guarantee that the same happy ending would be met by all:

So, what options are left? Apparently it’s not a good idea to wash your hardware in the sink, unless you have access to a very good data recovery firm… So, perhaps Downtime needs to put in a request to the Occupational Health team for some special needs equipment. We bring you: the washable keyboard.

 Thank heavens for that! For a moment Downtime thought the only answer might be: give up coffee!