Can't speak French? Your kitchen cabinets could help you learn

Language experts and computer scientists at Newcastle University have developed a talking kitchen that delivers step-by-step cooking instructions in French. 

Apparently, ‘ The kitchen breaks new ground by taking language learning out of the classroom and linking it with an enjoyable and rewarding real-life activity.’ 

Using motion-sensor technology similar to that of the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect, the kitchen is able to track your movements and issue sat nav-style instructions accordingly. 

I am no Jamie Oliver and my French skills are probably even worse than Del Boy’s, so I have no plans to put myself under more unnecessary pressure in the kitchen when I can’t even handle recipes and instructions in English. 

The researchers are now exploring the use of other languages, while they expect installations to begin in schools, universities and even people’s homes next year. They also claim that a talking kitchen is only 10%-20%  more expensive than a regular kitchen. 

Can’t wait to see the Magnet and Wickes’ adverts for this. 

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