Buffalo USB Hub proves customer is always right....or stupid

We’ve all done it, trying to force something into a slot the wrong way or, if you’re extra committed, a completely different shaped slot. 

Downtime thinks this is just further proof we have evolved from primates. Because, just as an ape would, when it doesn’t fit we lose our temper, more often than not breaking something in the process. 
Well the new Buffalo USB Hub is here to stop you breaking stuff, you ruffian. 
It takes USB cords even if you try and shove them in the wrong way up. Clever, huh? 
buffalo-usb-hub.jpgIt’s about to go on sale in Japan for a little over £10 and, as yet, there is no word on when it will be released worldwide. In the meantime, sit on your hands and try not to break any other cables and ports. 

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