Budding songwriter? There's an app for that

Anyone who fancies themselves as a writer has for quite some time already been able to get published internationally in an instant using a raft of free online publishing tools.

Now, thanks to a collaboration between The Gregory Brothers and application development firm Khush, anyone with an iPone, iPad or iPod Touch can turn speech into song lyrics.

The app, called Songify, is free to download and comes with three song styles, but additional styles are available at a relatively nominal cost, with the business model obviously relying on volume.

Songify makes it easy to create parodies, jokes or personalised songs to share on social networks by recording speech with an iOS device.

The app uses patent-pending artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to create a melody from the voice input, segment it into chorus and versus, align it with the beat and add pitch correction.

Users can listen to the song in a variety of styles, and once the song is saved, it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

Downtime is always happy to see when technology is put to such good use.


Video: Demo of Songify from Khush