Blessed be the smartphones in Nova Scotia

Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether mobile communications technology is a blessing or a curse, especially when one needs a little downtime.

But an Anglican Church in Nova Scotia is determined to make the gizmos people use in their daily toil blessed.

The church is moving into the 21st century by introducing a ceremony to bless modern work equipment such as laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices.

According to Canadian reports, local Rev. Lisa Vaughan says although the ceremony will have an ultra modern focus, it is deeply rooted in tradition.

Such ceremonies were called Plough Monday services, she says, in which people would take their farming tools to the church to be blessed.

While it may give some people comfort, blessed or not, mobile phones are still probably going to ring or run out of power at the worst possible moment.

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This is a great story! If I lived in Nova Scotia, I'd go on Sunday to get my Blackberry blessed. Given the amount of time I waste on the thing, it would be nice to have someone pray that I use the device for good and not for harm. Awesome!

I liked this story so much, I researched it more and blogged about it! Please read and let me know what you think.

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