Best way to highlight issues that IT departments face? Plastic dinosaurs of course.

Networks First has ‘produced’ a short video aimed at highlighting one of the issues that IT departments are currently facing. I say ‘produced’ because its one man, one camera, one voice and three plastic dinosaurs, not exactly Avatar is it?

The Jurassic Business Park premiss is clearly the brainchild of a zany forward thinking IT professional, that or a six year old, not entirely sure yet. 
Networks First hasn’t just rushed into this, oh no, it’s even created Twitter accounts for their video stars. Firstly, the CEO who is imaginatively named Mr Rex, then head of IT, Simmons and finally Lewis, who doesn’t have a title.  
Anyway, here is the video:

If only RIM had seen this a week ago the BlackBerry service outage may well have been avoided. 

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