Authorities restrict innovation in captive market

They say whatever happens in the US in technology terms hits the UK soon after. Delivery companies in the UK should therefore take note of what is happening in the US.

The business opportunities related to the use of drones to make deliveries are becoming clearer.

Two innovators in the US have created a business line in supplying customers that are unable to move around much and are  in hard to reach places. Great for the clients and the even better news for the delivery companies is that it is a captive market.

The slight hurdle that they have to overcome is a legal one. The first attempt to deliver porn and drugs to clients in a Maryland prison, using a Yuneec Typhone drone, was sabotaged by the police.

To rub salt into the wounds the authorities posted bail for one of the chaps at $250,000, rather than offering start-up funding.

One IT innovation analyst claimed authorities have a vested interest in  the current deliver monopoly. “You need to ask yourself ‘who are vthey really trying to protect.'”