Aussies: follow @TheAshes, you'll enjoy it more than the cricket

A female US Twitter user has become a minor cricketing celebrity after her name on the microblogging site – @TheAshes – soared almost overnight to more than 5,000 followers. The woman, who as an American has absolutely no knowledge of cricket or what The Ashes is, and especially not that the biggest cricket match in the world is currently taking place Down Under, finally expressed her annoyance at being grilled by fans by Tweeting she is “not a freaking cricket match.”

Nonetheless, she has pointed the way to success for others looking to feel artificially popular on the social media site. If you live outside the US, you could claim ignorance of its own minor sports and try calling yourself @TheGridiron, @TheWorldSeries or @TheLAlakers, or simply do as the Americans have always done, invent a new sport, call yourself the world champion, and tell the Twitterati all about it.