Another shopaholic IT consultant exposed on TV

Do all IT consultants have more money than sense? BBC Three’s Shopping is My Life has, erm, shopped another retail-addicted IT professional to the nation. And this time it’s a bloke.

IT consultant Andy Nicolau is the latest unfortunate to have his high income – and poor spending habits – subjected to national ridicule and shame in the name of televised therapy. Sadly, we are unable to bring you any footage of his aftershave addiction, gadget-gathering, or serious jeans habit, but if you’re quick you can catch the full 60 minutes of IT professional shopaholicism on the BBC iPlayer now.

Downtime is not shocked to see that high-earners may also be high spenders. Nor is Downtime surprised to discover that people often shop to excess when they are lonely, bored or otherwise unfulfilled. That’s why it’s called retail therapy!

But Downtime is surpised that anyone with sufficient nous to get themselves a high-earning IT consultancy position would be willing to risk their reputation by exposing their shortcomings to the whole of the UK television viewing public…

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