Another girl, another palate

The launch of dating app Power of Music (POM), which matches up users who like the same music to spare them from ever having to grow as human beings or have any new experiences whatsoever, has allowed its co-founder the chance to share its origin story.

The idea apparently came about when Vihan Patel accidentally sent a playlist to the wrong person, which led to them bonding over his selections and embarking on a two-year relationship – perhaps only cut short by him accidentally shouting a medley of breakup songs at her after accidentally hand-delivering a vinyl of Barry White’s greatest hits to the doe-eyed barista in Costa.

Do we really need to date someone who likes the exact same stuff as us? We all feel it, but is it not wise to fight the urge to find reflections of ourselves in every single facet of every last person we meet? Could it in fact be the case that the last thing we need in our immediate proximity is someone to encourage our 19th consecutive play of our favourite toxic Canadian rapper’s latest album?

Our only true love had a proclivity for the sartorial tendencies of the punk rocker. We can hear it now, the heady guitar intro to The Only Ones’ “Another girl, another planet” rushing through our mind as we opened the door to them for our third date, them standing there, smiling back at us in their leather jacket, miniature Troll Doll safety pinned to their lapel. What chance would we have had of meeting someone like that if Tinder had just funnelled all the tinpot Hoxton Pony two-steppers our way?

Mind you, that didn’t last either, so in all seriousness we’ll be streaming Siouxsie and the Banshees on mute every night for a week and then giving this new app a good old go.

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