Angry Brides follows in Angry Birds' wake

First there was Angry Birds, but now there is Angry Brides, an online game in India that has already attracted 270,000 fans.

Instead of firing Angry Birds at Green Piglets, players fire various missiles at prospective grooms greedy for dowry.

Hitting a prospective groom wins the player money towards a virtual anti-dowry fund.

The game, available free of charge as a Facebook application, has a serious side too. Angry Brides is aimed at highlighting the problem of illegal dowry demands.

Paying and accepting a dowry in India has been illegal since 1961, but according to The Telegraph, the tradition of the bride’s parents presenting gifts to the groom’s family remains strong.

Demands for dowry often continue long after the wedding ceremonies, and in the worst cases, brides are tortured and even murdered if they or their parents do not comply, the paper said.