Always wanted to run a Death Star?

If you have always wanted to run a Death Star – and who hasn’t – well now you can, thanks to the marvels of smartphone technology and some smart moves by George Lucas.
OK, not a real Death Star, which as far as Downtime knows do not really exist, or even a Hollywood model of one, just a virtual one. 
But still, thanks to the Tiny Death Star app from LucasArts, you can build and manage different levels of the Empire’s Death Star.
But only if you live in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and of course the US, and only if you own an Apple mobile device running version 6.0 or later of iOS.
The game is a themed version of and very similar to Tiny Tower from NimbleBits, a hugely popular iPhone game, according to Phones Review
Players need to provide ‘bitizens’ including Wookies and Ewoks with work and housing units and complete tasks to amass coins from which they can build their Death Star. 
The app is a free download from iTunes, but in-game currency dubbed “Imperial Bux” can be purchased.