12,500 electronic devices left in taxis - who are these idiots?

Those of us who have never lost a pen drive, left a mobile on a bench or decided their laptop would be of better use on a bus, please join me.

We are the select few who see our handheld devices as an extension of ourselves. You would never leave your right index finger in the library would you? That’s what it feels like when for some reason my phone is absent from my pocket.

So the news of roughly 12,500 electronic devices being left in taxis each year in New York and London alone astonishes me.

Apparently pen drives are suffering a similar fate, being one of the many items left in trouser pockets during a visit to the drycleaner, (another is false teeth?).

And if you are one of the sieve minded, electronic oblivious then shame on you. You are the reason my birthday, mother’s maiden name and ice cream preference could be found on the tube.