1-2-3 you’re back in the room

Boffins at Stanford University in Silicon Valley are studying a unique course that blends the fuddy duddy world of psychology with an excuse to spend all day on Facebook under the legitimate guise of research.

The Psychology of Facebook is the brainchild of B J Fogg, a ‘persuasion psychologist’ who founded the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford.

After selling magic beans within five minutes of meeting the BBC reporter who interviewed him, he said, “When Facebook came along, what struck me was how there was this new form of persuasion. Where on earth could you get a million customers in a week? That was when I said ‘I want to learn more about this’ and I thought the best way was to teach a class and look at how persuasion happens.”

Presumably the first lecture will revolve around persuading students to part with tuition fees.