Scotland gets IT

The press release regarding the Digital Scotland report shows that over the border the thinking is going exactly the way many of us envision it should be with the Sassenachs – and all too frequently isn’t.

A Trust to raise finance, procure, operate, manage and maintain the core network. Tick. Bloody perfect actually to be honest. No more private company monopoly, thanks.
Fat pipes to all communities of 2000 people. That’s every market town then and would bring a fat pipe for FiWi close to pretty much everyone, even in rural and remote Scotland. Tick.
Realising that the only way to stop the digital divide is to tackle it head on with a future-proofed, community-owned, fibre, core network. TICK.
Open access for community networks and service providers. Tick.
Ooh look, spot the Big Society thinking below which doesn’t use the new-fangled term? (The rest of us will stick with the word we have been using for generations too – ‘community’!) 
“……….this enterprise could develop as a distinctly Scottish community effort, bringing benefit to the whole of Scotland, with innovative funding options that need not call on the public purse.” 
Tick for supporting the community ideal, and another big tick for innovative funding.
Understanding that communities can do first mile solutions far more ingeniously and offering better value than probably anyone else, but also that suppliers and service providers have their place too. Tick for FiWi Pie.
Tick and double tick for realising that £100M will do all this core network for Scotland. Now, shall we watch how the British government spends the £530M we have set aside for rural, future-proofed broadband through BDUK? Are we going to break it into little pieces and watch consultants and corporates fight to stick their grubby mitts into the pie, or are we going to look at this type of approach and apply some joined up thinking?
And there was me thinking I’d have to go south to ever get a decent connection. I might be moving to the Highlands and Islands at this rate….Anyone got a croft for sale?!