Rural broadband, Digital Village Pumps, BDUK and Cumbria

There wouldn’t have been room for a single body more in Great Asby village hall on either Friday (Big Society day) or Saturday (Broadband day) this weekend. Well done, Rory, his team, Rory’s Reivers, and my Cumbrian neighbours!

If you weren’t invited, couldn’t make it, or didn’t know about it, John Popham has done a quite remarkable job in getting the videos and photos up promptly. 
I think everyone came away buzzing. However, there are also some concerns about how this will all work in rural areas, and in particular, the involvement and say that communities will have in getting in place the networks, apps, services etc with this first tranche of public money. After all, many of these communities clearly showed that they are at least as aware of what is required, if not more so, than those who are acting as consultants, or making the decisions.
Rob Hindle has put together a very interesting and important  set of questions about rural and community broadband delivery through the BDUK process. These ought to be read by any and every person who may be involved in some way with next generation broadband delivery.
I have my own set of concerns, questions, thoughts, opinions etc, which I am currently distilling. 
Meanwhile, for all those who keep hearing this term “ Digital Village Pump”, Radio Lentil has interviewed Simon Davison of NextGenUs CIC who coined the term.

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