Lying about your virginity

There is an ad on at the moment, claiming Virgin Media offer the fastest broadband in the UK. 
Errrr no. You don’t VM. So, official Ofcom complaint is going in about the adverts, plus to the ASA. Previously, I have taken this as far as the EU Commission as I find the misleading hype from ISPs and t’incumbent cause some of the biggest problems on the UK broadband scene, especially for consumers.
Much as I would love to get a reply to one of my many emails aimed at Mr B, and this might scupper that chance, the latest Speedy Gonzales ads include a highly misleading tagline.
100Mbps is NOT the fastest in the UK. After all, there are multiple businesses with MUCH faster connections than that. And then there happens to be a community fibre network which also offers 100Mbps to each user (and it’s symmetrical) so how can Virgin be fastest? Equally as fast, no problem though I would like an addendum about the asymmetrical nature of VM’s offering in any ad. Plus, the community network is FTTH (Fibre To The Home) not FTTC (Fibre To The Coax)
Will be blogging from that network on Mon/Tues so watch this space for the consumers’ and community feelings about VirginMedia’s ads! And I hope Asam, or even Sir Rich, might respond here too.

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Waste of time complaining to OFCOM or ASA. My latest complaint to ASA about the virgin ads on lots of websites saying 'fibre optic broadband for £10' etc was met eventually with an 8 page document through snail mail saying they investigated this ages ago and decided that because part of the network was fibre that virgin could continue to describe their product as 'fibre'. They clearly don't understand the difference between fibre and copper. Another quango not fit for purpose? chris
The trouble is we have to use the channels available to us. If they are broken, as per the title of this blog, then we have to make it clear how and why they are broken. And where possible, present solutions.
high-speed dedicated connections for business are a different market from consumer connections. broadband only used to mean the affordable connections offered to consumers and small businesses - is that changing? is every internet connection "broadband" these days? i'm not sure.
Credibility is like virginity - you have it, then it's gone, and it takes only one little prick ;-)