I want a Radio 4 hoody!

Just caught Feedback on Radio 4 in the car, and amongst all the other items about the Archers, Cleggy on Desert Island Discs etc, was a class item about Radio 4 hoodies. 

I want one!! Not just for the social impact that R4 listeners will have on hoody wearing generally, obv. ;o)
There are apparently 10.4m of us Radio 4 listeners in the UK and a simple bit of Maths shows that at £20 each, the whole of the Radio 4 budget could be subsidised if we all bought one. In fact, if it could generate £150M+, it’d be a useful top up for next gen broadband…. I’ll buy a few, with all the different programmes I enjoy. C’mon BBC, get them on sale before Xmas.

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They are on eBay if you want one! Just search for Radio 4 hoody.
Hi Lindsey Great idea, not sure the beeb will be too quick on the uptake? In the meantime i've uploaded some of my own on eBay. So if you really want one just search for Radio 4 hoody in the eBay search bar. Regards Paul
While Paul has done a great job with the hoodies on ebay, I really would like an official one that uses the radio 4 logo. I have seen it in my mind: radio 4 blue with radio 4 (the 4 being with the comma within) printed alonf the bottom at the back and on the front the four once again on the left breast. Come on Radio 4!