How infinite is our patience with BT?

The noise about BT Infinity continues. On the one side, communities are endeavouring, as with first generation broadband trigger levels for exchanges, to persuade others in the community to sign up to try to win the competition.(Your efforts would be better targeted elsewhere, guys!) On the other, the technical arguments against VDSL (yet another copper based technology) and the proponents of true Next Generation Access are trying to get the message that BT Infinity is far from what is required.

We all know BT is a private company and therefore has a duty to its shareholders. But you cannot continually sweep under the carpet that the network assets currently being sweated were gifted by the State. There has to be some acknowledgement of the responsibility that BT has to the nation.  
If this country is to come close to any others in the race to a decent comms infrastructure, we have to raise the bar. The incumbent with SMP (Significant Market Power) has to step up to the mark, and stop shillyshallying around with the copper. Rip it out and sell it. 
Environmentally, we know that fibre is better for the planet due to the electricity consumption required to run it being less than for copper-based technologies. Economically, fibre is better for the nation, and open access networks will finally give consumers greater choice than with ADSL, where nearly every single ADSL customer in this country is actually dealing with a reseller of a BT product. 
We need FTTH (Fibre To The Home) or FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) – whichever you choose to call it. Because otherwise, I suspect the chemical symbol for copper may give us the clue – Cu BT.

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Its breaking my heart to see all the people registering their details on the bt infinity site. I just see myself in 2003 doing the same to get our exchange enabled for adsl, not realising that it would only enable those close to the exchange to get a connection and that nothing would ever be done for the rest of us. After 7 years we still don't have a decent adsl connection in our village, and over a 100 farms and rural businesses and families around us still are on dial up or dodgy dongles which take 47 hours to download open office. I just get the strangest feeling all BT infinity is going to do is prolong our agony with the whole thing. Do what you can to expose it! The biggest crime is the councils who are going to be handing public money over to BT to shove a cabinet on a street and anyone within 300metres is stuck on the copper for another decade or more. You are right, we need fibre to the home, starting with the furthest from the exchanges and moving inwards. That way we get an infrastructure to be proud of. And we can lead the world in the digital revolution which is coming instead of being the third world slowlane country which BT is limiting us to. Yes I know they have to make money to pay back their pension deficit, but if they can't lead or follow they should get the hell out of the way and let someone else do the hard bits. There are plenty of other private investors could do it if the legacy poles, ducts and wayleaves were signed over to them. BT got them for virtually nothing and if they say they can't afford to use them for fibre they might as well hand them over?