Cops get bird

Greater Manchester Police have just finished a very interesting experiment, putting all the incidents during a 24 hour period on Twitter. As they happen.

It highlights, firstly, just how much a single police force has to deal with. It also, sadly, illustrates that we need to educate our populace to comprehend what 999 is for. 
However, it is the use of this type of technology which may help to achieve a clearer understanding of what the police do, as well as helping to reduce their workload in light of cuts. If people understand just what the police can and cannot deal with, they may choose the helpline they call more carefully. 
Another great idea I heard about recently as a public service is the TwitterGritter in Walsall. I hope we shall see this all over the UK this winter as a) it will get more people online for Martha’s Race Online for 2012 and b) reduce the disproportionate amount of chaos caused on British roads by snow, and the associated costs to the blue light services, businesses, etc.