Chilean miners exhibit more than just moral fibre

Following on from yesterday’s post, which mentioned ripping out BT’s copper and flogging it on the open market…….

The Chilean miners plight over the last few months has proven that the best use of copper is to make socks out of it, which prevent athlete’s foot and similar infections whilst trapped deep underground. 
And the best use for fibre optic is for 21st century comms – wherever you may be.
Let’s learn from this. Use the right tools for the job. 
Copper is good for socks, kettles and bracelets for arthritis. Fibre optics for communications infrastructure. Not the other way round. 

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I love the bit in the article which said the miners made the connections to the fibre underground faster than those up top... and even though they were half a mile underground they had a better connection than most on the surface of so called 'digitalbritain'. chris
If BT simply let cable thieves steal the copper and refilled the ducts with fibre, it would save a bundle. And they wouldn't have to meet the disposal regulations because the cable would all wind up in China or India or Africa where it would be turned into wristbands and rexported to the UK. Or Openreach could use some of those who will lose their jobs in the coming cuts to do the work.
You forgot the the use of copper in jewellery, tchk, tchk!!