What Top Security Professionals Really Think

Just published on the Computer Weekly Website are a couple of videos of interviews I conducted recently with leading Heads of Security from interesting organisations. They’re worth watching.

The first interview is with Sandra Barton-Nicol, Head of Risk Investigations for Betfair, the largest online betting exchange in the World. It’s interesting to hear Sandra’s perspective on risk. As she succinctly points out, “our business is gambling but we don’t gamble on risk”. The second interview is with John Meakin, Group Head of Information Security for Standard Chartered, a bank with a long history and an impressive global network. John is a highly experienced and award-winning CISO, having previously led security functions in Reuters, RBS, Swiss Bank Corporation and Dresdner. It’s interesting to hear his perspective on the challenges of managing security across a changing business landscape.

But for me, the really interesting aspect of these videos is that it’s a breakthrough in training and awareness. Security practitioners and students across the world can now gain access to the views of leading professionals, and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.