Top Gun jobs

Each weekend I dig out the latest copy of the SANS @RISK vulnerability alert newsletter from my junk e-mail tray. Clearly Microsoft Outlook judges it to be a bit suspect. But most if it seems harmless, though it can carry some bizarre features.

Today’s lead article was one of those, announcing: “We’re getting our arms around the “Coolest jobs in Information Security” both to educate students who are considering jobs in security and to help people who want to see where they might take their careers.  We’ve even identified the “Top Guns”.

It seems that you qualify as a Top Gun if you decide to call yourself a “security maven”, a “vulnerability researcher” or a “security architect” (which bizarrely they equate with a “perimeter protection designer”). These guys at SANS are clearly a very sad bunch to come up with such nonsense. I expect it reflects their own aspirations.

The only cool jobs these days are those with index linked, final salary pensions in the civil service. But no doubt those opportunities will be short-lived.