Time for mandatory standards for data quality

The recent report of the UK National Health Service confirming 21 cases in which the wrong organs may have been taken from donors because of data handling errors reflects a much wider problem of data quality in important public and private information systems. We’ve all known for some time that mistakes can and do happen on a regular basis. Yet there are no mandated data quality standards to compel organisations to force enterprises to address this problem. Isn’t it about time that we did something about this?    

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Given that Integrity is the middle pillar of the CIA of Information Security, surely all good information security professionals worth their salt will always have considered "data quality" to be of fundamental importance as there is little or no point in protecting duff data..... It's not for the security managers necessarily to be lending weight to the issue but rather for all those who sit in front of a screen, in whatever shape or size, creating all the data, to take more responsibility for it - from the outset (its input) through to its end of life.