The next big threat

I’ve just been informed that a recent video interview with me on Sarb Sarb Sembhi’s excellent Virtually Informed site has been voted “Answer of the Month for May”. It’s my response to the question “Where the next threat will come from?”

In my view it’s attacks on integrity of data that will be the next big concern. We don’t see many of these attacks, so we don’t do as much as we should to defend the integrity of our intellectual property. But the impact of even a small change to a database can be hugely damaging to services, confidence and reputation.  

The focus of our e-Business security has only in recent years switched from availability to confidentiality. The next focus will be integrity. 

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David, This post has made my day, and even more! We have been pitching this story to the market for the last 18 months and you are absolutely right on both fronts, the threats are serious and currently completly undervalued. We have set-up a company that is 100% specialized on data integrity issues, building amongst other things, immutable audit logs to demonstrate the integrity of digital records at very granular levels and in any kind of environments. I would be delighted to exchange off line about our work. We are following with a lot of interest the developments of the Jericho forum and we beleive that our mission fits nicely with your vision. You can contact me at cprimault(at) Thanks again for this great post. I am looking forward to talking to you.
Integrity issues are underappreciated. They have ramifications for industrial sabotage and in data sharing (silo smashing). Building trusted networks requires non-repudiation, which requires integrity for secure data hand-offs. Glad to see that you are bringing the issue into the public eye, as our Trustifier product also allows integrity assurance, although we provide it in a different manner than the previous poster. :)