Security in outsourcing - a work in progress

Many thanks to everyone who attended my new book launch last week, kindly hosted by Commerzbank on behalf of ISSA-UK, and sponsored by BSI. Amongst other things the book sets out a security framework for managing outsourced services, a vital requirement for an emerging business landscape characterized by increasingly broader and deeper externalization of activities. It would be nice to see further work building on the foundations and principles of the book. Outsourcing demands a raft of specifications, codes of practice and new processes. There are many gaps in published guidance on outsourcing that have yet to be filled in. 

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I think laws and regulations are having ahrd time keeping up with the outsourcing industry. Security is always compromised, no matter if there's a contract or none in place. We see most IP violations in developing nations and we can all just cast a blind eye. I wonder if you're selling this book in Amazon, in US dollars. Thanks.