Security Forecasts for 2010 - Right or Wrong?

As we near the end of 2010 it’s interesting to look back and see how accurate my forecasts for the year proved to be. A year ago, I predicted that 2010 would be a year of change, and I expected to see three major trends: 

  • Rethinking security roles and skills: going back to the drawing board and establishing new roles, objectives and competences.
  • Data integrity becoming a growing concern, though little would be done about it.
  • Supply chains dominating the problem space.

Clearly, I overestimated the propensity for change in the security community. Each of these issues has been highlighted, but the community preferred to sail on in the same direction, not even attempting to re-arrange a deck chair or two.

None of these issues has gone away. Regardless of difficulty, they must be tackled. Unfortunately, a herd mentality has set in at a time when revolution should be in the air. Nothing will change until there is a major shift in the perception and attitudes of institutes and industry associations. Achieving that would be a fine New Year’s revolution.