Responding to the postal strikes

Just talk to any business owner, whether small, medium or large, and you’ll quickly spot a golden opportunity for the security industry. This season’s postal strike will generate a tipping point for many companies to finally ditch paper and move to the Internet.

In practice, however, it’s far from easy to authenticate and secure electronic transfers of sensitive data over public networks. Tactical fixes rarely scale well. Hard-to-use security features fall into disuse. Legacy systems might not handle modern security protocols. Without careful planning and strict standards of security, we’re likely to create a flood of new exposures to identity theft.

Now, more than ever, we need to raise our strategic game and design lasting security architectures that can safeguard information across a boundaryless, extended-enterprise environment. It’s not easy or immediately achievable, but it has to be done if we are to build achieve an agile, compliant infrastructure that can support secure operations in a virtual business world.