Preparing for the next decade

Last week the ISSA-UK advisory board met at the House of Commons for dinner with a number of invited security luminaries to discuss the prospects for information security over the next decade. The turn of the decade is always a good point to take stock of recent learning points look ahead to future challenges. It’s especially appropriate at this point in time, after the process industry has been shaken by unprecedented attacks on SCADA systems, and government has woken up to the importance of cyber defence and the need to invest in new skills and capabilities.

Of course, even the very best experts cannot be expected to deliver a perfect analysis and articulation of the full range of issues within the constraints of a three course dinner. We have, however, captured many pertinent points, and we will combine these with other contributions from experts who were not present, as well as relevant research reports, such as PWC’s recent Revolution or Evolution: Information Security 2020 report.

The results will be compiled as an ISSA-UK white paper to be published towards the end of the year. In the meantime, I’d encourage any readers with thoughts or ideas on the future to post comments below. I’ll make sure they are incorporated into the report with appropriate attribution.