A poem for Christmas and New Year

Every year Alan Stockey, a well known London banking security professional, sends me a Christmas poem with a security theme. It’s a little late for Christmas Day, but then so is the snow. 

Day Zero, Day Zero, Day Zero!

Network traffic outside is frightful

But the firewall’s so insightful

Check the patches are all just so

Call CISO, Call CISO, Call CISO!


DDOS doesn’t show signs of stoppin’

Hope the firewall keeps on blockin’

Websites have all gone slow

Day Zero, Day Zero, Day Zero!


When we finally see daylight

They’ve hit so many ports in the storm

Saving others from similar plight

There’ll be others that you can now warn


But if the firewall’s slowly dying

Not sure what you’ll next be buying?

Just as long as you keep the code

Buy Escrow, Buy Escrow, Buy Escrow!

From a performance perspective I’d suggest a concert pitch of F for ease of singing. Try to get a bit of a swing feel to avoid annoying the neighbours.