Who owns the data on social networking sites - the website or the person

facebook.jpg I followed with interest the recent squabble between Facebook and Robert Scoble over who owned his data on Facebook and have read some really good posts on this issue, such as the pro privacy and consumer louis gray and a different take on the debate from Freedom to Tinker.

Where I agree with bloggers is that these issues of ownership and privacy of data will become bigger and bigger this year.

Recent data scandals in the UK, such as the HMRC debacle last year, have made individuals more aware of data misuse.

Also more people are joining social networking sites and openly share their personal data and becoming painfully aware of the pitfalls of this – see this unwitting example of the dangers of publicising your personal data from Jeremy Clarkson. Oh how the mighty can fall.

Rest assured Computer Weekly will definitely will be keeping tabs on this hot issue in 2008 through our army of bloggers and journalists.